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  • Objectives:

    Brick Eagle is an affordable housing real estate developer. Their models exists on partnering with local developers and incubating Entrepreneurs to lessen gaps in affordable housing. They wanted to spread the word about their idea – a market-based solution for the housing poverty in India.



    1) Brick Eagle identified that the affordable housing market has enormous potential. With the government support to push growth in the housing market, they wanted to make known their concept of affordable housing and their products.

    2) We identified platforms to publicize the company’s idea on Website, Social Media, and Corporate AV with the help of the concept of ‘Social Housing Platform’. Website commination was enhanced to grab the attention of the visitors.

    3) Primary way of getting the message across was through AV. Key stake holders in the video were interviewed and compiled into the video for dissemination to the target audience. Partners and investors were also interviewed to broaden the Brick Eagle’s ideas. AV detailing their concept was showcased on YouTube.

    4) Social media was used extensively to increase awareness about the company and the product. We hosted their anniversary event to highlight their projects.

    5) Corporate branding was another aspect we focused on to increase awareness about their company. Increasing their brand visibility helped in getting them noticed by the media and the public.



  • Results in Numbers

    • Press conference included the top-line PR media from Mumbai & Pune
    • Increased brand visibility  through Interview on CNBC News & NDTV Profit
    • Acquired 5,000+ followers on Youtube